Before the Lane Auctions... where the only cars we offer are the right ones, and the only reserve price we accept is wholesale.
  • Dealer submits their cars to BTL
    We work with a curated community of select dealers from across the country. Our network is limited exclusively to select highline and exotic dealers. Dealers are vetted and required to pass a formal application process prior to being granted access. We do this so you only buy from the best.
  • All Auctions are 7 days
    Week long auctions are designed so that interested buyers have the proper time to do their homework. We provide users with the contact information and encourage communication between bidder and dealer throughout the auction.
  • Auctions are limited
    Prior to auctions going live, our community of dealers submits their cars to our team. Our team hand selects the vehicles that will run each week and publishes the weekly run every Sunday at 7pm EST. Auctions are limited by the BTL Exclusivity Policy
  • Bids are Binding
    Reserve prices are not published but they are vetted in advance by the BTL team to ensure pricing is inline with the platforms mission. When a buyer places a bid, either before the reserve has been met or after, their credit card is automatically charged $100. In the event that the buyer wins the auction, these funds are transferred to the selling dealer as deposit on the vehicle. In the event the bidder does not win, their card is refunded in full at the time of auction expiration.
  • Connecting Winner to Dealer
    Upon completion of a successful auction, Before The Lane produces a formal Bill of Sale detailing the terms of the deal and solidifying the purchase price of the vehicle. Contact information for both parties is provided and the deal is consummated between winning bidder and selling dealer.
Why are these cars being auctioned?
How do I register to bid?
How does the bidding process work?
Are there auction fees?
What happens after the auction ends?
Am I obligated to purchase the car if I am the winning bidder and the reserve is met?
What if I have questions about the vehicle?